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Why Genesis Customizer?

Genesis Customizer gives you complete control to build anything with Genesis without having to write custom code

No more coding

The usual way of customizing Genesis themes involves copying and pasting code snippets from around the web. Genesis Customizer removes the need for that by adding point and click options for everything you can imagine.

Build anything

Would you like to be able to build any kind of website design without having to code it from scratch every time? Genesis Customizer can create virtually any design without code and we're always adding new features.

Genesis Framework

Thousands of designers and developers choose the Genesis Framework because it provides exactly what they need to build a fast, secure, SEO-friendly, powerful WordPress website without the bloat.

Awesome features

Here’s a small list of features that come built in with Genesis Customizer.


Change the color of almost every single element on your site with just the click of a button


Just like the color settings, you can change the typography of nearly every single element on your site


Genesis Customizer gives you full control of the margin & padding of almost every element on your site


Easily change the width and height of the site header, custom logos, footer widgets and more

Header layout

With just the click of a button, change the header layout to one of the 3 options provided

Footer widgets

Changing the layout and number of the footer widgets is as easy as clicking a button

Text edits

Easily change Genesis text from an easy to use setting, for example, the footer credits

Page builders

Designed and built from the beginning to fully integrate with page builder plugins

How it works

There are 3 key elements to Genesis Customizer. The blank child theme, the core functionality engine plugin, and the Pro add-on.

Child theme

The base child theme is completely blank and ready for customization. The only code it contains is the automatic plugin installer which runs upon activation. Everything in the child theme can be changed after installation, including the name!

Core plugin

All of the themes functionality is contained in the core functionality plugin. This allows automatic updates to the code without losing customizations made to the child theme, making it easy to keep your site secure and up to date with the latest features.

Pro Add-on

Need a little something extra? We're working on a bunch of awesome features that will be available for purchase soon. Here's some of the planned features - masonry blog layout, custom code, header search, mega menu, search toggles plus heaps more!

Common questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive. Can’t find the answer your looking for? Get in touch with our friendly support team.

Genesis Customizer is a Genesis Child Theme which upon activation, automatically installs it’s core functionality or “engine” plugin. All of the functionality is contained in the plugin, enabling safe automatic updates without losing any customizations made to the child theme. The core functionality plugin provides hundreds of theme options to the Customizer. It’s designed to provide options for everything so that you no longer have to write custom code.

Maybe, but we don’t recommend it. It’s best to begin with the Genesis Customizer starter theme and add custom code only when needed.

Lee Anthony of SEO Themes. I’ve created some of the most popular Genesis child themes offered by StudioPress and also developed a wide range of both free & premium WordPress plugins. Genesis Customizer was built in response to the most common customer feedback I’ve received over the years from the Genesis community. I hope you like it!

Sure, why not? All feature suggestions are considered so feel free to send through your ideas!

Just about anything, the possibilities are endless. Keep it minimal like the Genesis Sample theme or create more complex page layouts with page builder plugins, it’s up to you. Even this site is built with it!

The Pro add-on provides a suite of awesome features that extend Genesis Customizer and we’re constantly adding more. Pro customers also receive exclusive access to the private Slack group, priority support and more!

You bet! Genesis Customizer has been integrated with the most popular page builder plugins since the beginning. There are lots of nice touches that make working with page builder plugins an enjoyable experience.

When working with Customizer settings, most themes output the customizations as inline CSS. This is usually not the best approach as inline CSS cannot be cached. To avoid this, Genesis Customizer writes all of the custom styles to a separate file which is then minified and can be cached by your favorite optimization plugin. There are almost zero styles added by default, which means there is no duplicated code – only your customizations are output. Performance is a top priority to us.

What people are saying

Genesis developers and designers love using Genesis Customizer. See what some of our happy users have to say.

Genesis Customizer is a Game Changer!
Everytime I use Genesis Customizer, the magic starts to happen.
Genesis Customizer has options for everything!
Genesis Customizer helps you to structure your site and then gets out of your way. Perfect for page builders!
Genesis Customizer makes it easy to build anything. Totally worth $249 for the unlimited license if you have multiple websites.

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